Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ahmad Zahid Turns the Table on Malaysians

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid (left) spoke at the 71st Session of the UN General Assembly on September 25, 2016.

Critics had questioned his command of English during the speech. Many felt he should have spoken in Malay.

Still, he had insisted he was not offended by the barbs directed at him.

And yet, he was quick to hit out at Malaysians who are unable to speak Malay. 

He felt it would be more embarrassing if someone who was born and raised in Malaysia but still cannot communicate in the national language

At the Ipoh Barat UMNO division delegates meeting today, Zahid said: “As a Malaysian we must understand that when we are born here this is where we belong”. He is questioning our Malaysian-ness.

Zahid shows us how proudly petty he is.

On Saturday, I was at Bankers Club in Jalan Imbi, KL. The MIMKL Toastmasters meeting was in session and here, I delivered my CC speech #3 titled “The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth”.

This is my CC round #36. And I was voted Best Project Speaker.

And fellow Liquid Gold member Toh Siew Pat received recognition for having achieved his CC and ACB awards. Wow, two awards! Congrats!


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