Monday, September 12, 2016

Victoria Beckham's Emaciated Models

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Victoria Beckham, 42, has been involved in the fashion industry ever since the Spice Girls split. She had her eponymous label since 2008 and some fashion writers even consider her one of the most influential style icons in the whole world!

I would grant that she has shown tremendous passion. 
Her Victoria Beckham Cruise 2016 Collection showcased during the New York Fashion Week – offered all types of outfits a woman needs to express her mood and style preferences. At least that was what I read.
Beckham, however, attracted criticisms for her use of size 4 models – their thin frames accentuated by barely-there outfits which highlighted taut tummies and protruding ribs. They had been described as all “skin and bone”.
Her models included teenagers Julia Ratner and Jessie Bloemendaal, as well as Camille Hurel, Mica Arganaraz, Ondria Hardinz and Iris Landstra – all with waists measuring 24-inch or less.
But if these models’ social media accounts are anything to go by, it seems the mannequins took great pains to show to the world that they can eat just as much as the next person – whether eating pizzas or drinking beer.
Mica Arganaraz, 26, shares pictures of a huge plate of cheesy pizza. 
Ondria Hardin says her idea of 'happiness' is yoga and a bottle of Corona beer in an Instagram snap from 2015
Jessie Bloemendaal posts a snap of fried egg on toast, captioning it: 'Nom nom nom'
Iris Landstra, who has a 24-inch waist, shares a picture of a hearty meal of fish and sweet potato 

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