Monday, September 5, 2016

The Forbidden Eagle

On Friday, Perak deputy mufti Zamri Hashim had written in local daily Berita Harian that it was forbidden in Islam to make full-bodied statues of living creatures, whether humans or animals – citing consensus of Muslim scholars from all Sunni schools of jurisprudence. He was referring to Langkawi's iconic eagle statue.
The Ipoh chapter of Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) added to the debate, saying if such statues. have already been built, their demolition is “wajib” (or compulsory).
Zamri's boss, Perak mufti Harussani Zakaria affirmed the same thing on Saturday, according to news outlet Astro Awani:
“Any living creatures, except for trees, cannot be built as a replica or monument if it is done in a condition with all limbs complete”.
Harussani however refused to comment when Awani asked about the call to demolish Langkawi’s tourist icon that symbolizes the origin of the island's name.
“What has to be understood is, what is forbidden remains forbidden,” he said.


Soon, the cat replicas in Kuching and even the bear and the bull replicas in front of the Bursa Malaysia in Bukit Kewangan, KL will all have to go.
Why stop there? Kindly ban smart phones, television, text books and newspapers which are capable of transmitting the ‘haram’ images. And portraits of the PM and the King hanging on the wall of every government office. And what about figurines too?
Methinks, this is becoming a big joke! In Malaysia, we are turning into a circus. In Malaysia, the “haram” list is getting longer. In Malaysia, almost everything is being labelled haram except corruption!

"Talibanization" is here!
This evening, I was at UM’s Department of Chemical Engineering for the University Malaya Toastmasters meeting.
I went there to deliver an Advanced speech from the Interpersonal Communication manual. It was a ‘Conversing with Ease’ assignment and my speech title was “My Name is Victor Ong”.
And I was voted Best Speaker too.



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