Saturday, September 24, 2016

Rio Paralympics Provides Cheer for Malaysians

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Just as the Rio Olympics has shown that Malaysia too has the sports talents to garner awards (read my blogpost dated August 21, 2016), we achieved even more spectacular success in the Rio 2016 Paralympics (September 7-18, 2016) – in fact, we collected four medals, placing us in the 36th ranking among 163 competing countries.
The quartet that brought golden honors to the country were Mohamad Ridzuan in the men’s 100m T36 (cerebral palsy category), Muhammad Ziyad in the men’s shot put F20 (intellectual disability) and Abdul Latif in the men’s long jump T20 (intellectual disability). And Siti Noor Radiah won the bronze in the women’s long jump T20 (learning disability).
We certainly need news like this to cheer us up as a nation.
On the Zika front, Health Ministry director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah had said on Thursday, there has been no new cases. The number of zika cases remain at six between September 01 and 21.
Good to hear!
On Thursday, I was at the OCBC Malaysian Head Office in Menara OCBC at 18, Jalan Tun Perak, KL – at the invitation of Nor Lida Dahalan – to present my last speech from the Interpersonal Communication manual, i.e. Assignment #5 Asserting Yourself Effectively. I also evaluated a CC#2.
And I was voted Best Project Speaker. Nice.
With this – I have also completed the requirements to fulfill my ACS award, my fourth! This represents my third educational award for September and my 8th todate for 2016-2017.


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