Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mosquitoes, Cockroaches and Rats

Malay Mail Online on Thursday carried a Bernama interview with former Court of Appeal judge, Mohd Noor Abdullah and this retiree proudly showed his senility. He had exhorted authorities to make jails highly inhospitable for prisoners – and that is to intentionally infest the detention cells with mosquitoes, cockroaches and rats. This is to deter inmates from repeating their crimes. Supposedly.
He was making comments about the prison system and that no prison should provide “VIP amenities” to inmates. Otherwise, prisons become a popular destination because a sound sleep, free food and other benefits await them. 
And if that is not ridiculous enough, Pulai MP and Deputy Home Affairs Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed had come out in support of this idiotic idea one day later.
We have clowns a-plenty here in this country. 
On Saturday, another Malaysian, a 61-year old ethnic Dusun man from Sabah – and who tested positive for Zika locally – had died of heart complications. He had multiple health problems, we were told.
This second Zika case is believed to be the first locally-transmitted Zika infection in the country. It seems the victim did not have any recent travelling history abroad and was probably bitten by an Aedes mosquito infected with Zika.
The Health Ministry is obviously very slow to respond. And why should we be surprised? We are still grappling with dengue despite its best efforts – what makes you think we can deal better with Zika?
After all, if Zika is already in Singapore and Thailand – why should Malaysia be spared?
Health Minister S Subramaniam remembers to cover his ass when he said there may be more cases in the country than what’s currently known because many Malaysians visit and work in Singapore! Whatever happened to the health surveillance at our border checkpoints?
Another idiot!
In Singapore, locally-transmitted Zika cases jumped to 242 over the weekend.
In Thailand's case, I cannot find any info, except for 2 new cases in Chiang Mai province as reported by Malaysia's New Straits Times Online on Friday. I perused The Nation English edition today but no news on Zika.
We already know that control of the Aedes mosquito population remains the primary solution to stem the spread of Zika. And dengue.

And we have not been successful.

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