Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"More Halal Than Halal"

JAKIM’s Halal certification is not good enough for some Malay-Muslims, it seems.
The Malaysian Institute of Islamic Cooperation (Ikiam) and the Rubber Industry Smallholders Development AuthorIty (RISDA) have declared their intention to award their own halal certification – specifically, catering to Malay-Muslim-produced goods.
Then Rural and Regional Development Minister Ismail Sabri Yaacob decided to make himself a bigger idiot by saying “JAKIM should make its requirements less stringent to assist small enterprises, especially those owned by Malays or bumputeras".
In other words, this UMNO fool wanted the standards lowered because of race. He wanted the so-called processes based on religious dogma to be pared down for the Malays.
Is this another new Malay right, I wonder?
The Malays must be Allah’s chosen people and therefore, they demand everything should be made easy for them.
Already, we are seeing JAKIM promoting religious bigotry. And it is state-sanctioned. That’s not all. They are now opening the doors of discrimination even wider for other religious bigots to raise their voices and exert their influence on others. And in the process, they are effecting change to the country’s socio-cultural landscape. 
The oft-repeated religious argument – as narrow and insular as it is – is it keeps the ‘purity’ of the faith. Seriously?
C'mon, Malay-Muslims are just as fallible as other people. This ‘more halal than halal’ hoo-ha is becoming a joke.
If this proceeds – one day, we can expect to see  Malay-Muslim-only hospitals. Malay-Muslim-only blood banks. Malay-Muslim-only restaurants. Malay-Muslim-only toilets. Not to mention, Malay-Muslim-only buses and taxis. Vegetables farmed by only Malay-Muslims. Cows, goats and chickens are Malay-Muslim-only-reared. And the list, for sure, will continuously expand.

Heck, they can even take it to another level altogether. Malay-Muslim thieves, murderers and rapists get reduced sentences upon conviction.
But really, it is a devious attempt  to disassociate themselves from the non-Malay and non-Muslim population, and more so, to segregate the Malay-Muslim population from the mainstream. These religious fascists want hegemonic control over all Malaysians through religious indoctrination. It's as simple as that. 
Apartheid may already have infected us without the majority of Malaysians even realizing it. This is the state that my Malaysia is in today!
On Monday, I was in KL’s Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam to attend the Speakers’ Dream Toastmasters meeting. I volunteered to be the Table Topics Master but three days earlier, I was offered a speaking slot.
Needless to say, I accepted that too. I presented my CC speech #3 titled “Listen Carefully”.


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