Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I Met Victor on Monday

I was in Sunway Pyramid yesterday and there, I met Victor!
Actually, he is a creation of a self-taught artist from India, Infantino Fernandes. This Victor is made of mild steel rods and sheets and weighing a bulky two tons.

“‘Victor’ with burnt skin all over his body symbolizes the struggles that people endure whilst silently fighting battles like depression, anxiety and stress, both in their personal and professional lives.
The head together with the mane is intact and held up high, symbolizing victory over all the suffering endured whilst going through those everyday battles.
The eyes reflect the realities of life and express hope and determination to come out on top.
‘Victor’ is a symbol of a free spirit that has been through a lot of adversities in the past but is determined to conquer what lies ahead.
A ‘Victor’ lies in each of us.”
This afternoon, I was in KL Sentral to attend the Service Rocket Toastmasters meeting.
I was both the General Evaluator as well as a speaker – presenting assignment #2 Speaking in Praise from the Special Occasion Speeches manual. My speech title was “My Heart, My Passion”.
And guess what? I was supposed to pay tribute to somebody, either living or dead. And that somebody turned out to be me!


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