Monday, August 8, 2016

The Malays Must Rise - Against the Yanks

Malacca Chief Minister Idris Haron (right) claimed the US Department of Justice’s court filings related to the 1MDB scandal is part of a political ploy to unseat the Malays and topple PM Najib Razak.
He said the US authorities had not approached 1MDB, but out of the blue came their explosive allegations. LOL!
It just goes to show that he is a blockhead. Therefore, he must have gotten a big shock having woken up from a self-induced coma to learn that the Americans took decisive  action when Malaysian authorities had resolved to quietly hide in a crevice in the wall.
He had posed the question: “What did they (the US of A) say on the unilateral attack on Iraq? (They claimed) there are chemical weapons of mass destruction. Even after Saddam Hussein’s death, to this day, not a single chemical weapon was found”.
And he rapped the Americans: “You cheated the Iraqis, you killed the Iraqis, and now you want to kill the Malays in Malaysia”. Wow, strong words that didn’t make any sense!
He even told his captive UMNO audience – he was officiating the Ampang UMNO divisional meeting on Sunday – “Ladies and gentlemen, we must rise!”
I really wonder! He wants the UMNO Malays to rise to do what? Does he mean to rise from their comfortable chairs and give a collective moon? And then turn around and gesture the middle finger at the Yanks? Or maybe even dispatch an army of UMNO red shirts to Washington DC to shout and scream, and defend the dignity of the Malays?
Idris Haron reminds me of a howler monkey. Loud. Blusterous. Strident.
Didn’t they say an empty vessel makes the most noise?

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