Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Rodrigo Duterte's War on Drugs


This photo taken on July 08, 2016 shows police officers investigating the body of an alleged drug dealer with his face covered with packing tape, with a cardboard sign on him reading 'I'm a pusher', in a Manila street


This man was attacked by anti-drug vigilantes as he drove his tricycle, his body left hanging from the humble vehicle as blood dripped onto the street

A young alleged drug dealer pictured with his hands and feet bound and his head wrapped in tape besides a road

A man is seen shot dead outside of a local shop in Manila and was another alleged drug dealer

The Philippines police director-general Ronald dela Rosa speaking at a senate hearing into the sharp rise in deaths since Rodrigo Duterte became president insisted there was no declared policy to kill drug users and pushers. He said police were "not butchers".

Maybe so but Duterte won the presidency with his hardline policy to eradicate drugs. He had previously egged on citizens to shoot and kill drug dealers who resisted arrest, and even reiterated that the killings of drug suspects were lawful if the police acted in self-defense.

The president even threatened to "separate" from the UN after it called his war on drugs a crime under international law.

On Tuesday, dela Rosa told the inquiry that a total of 1,916 deaths had been recorded during the crackdown on illegal drugs in the past seven weeks.

One news report dated August 04, 2016 had also mentioned that a staggering 565,806 drug users and small-time dealers, had turned themselves in.
I daresay the killings are not expected to stop anytime soon.
Yesterday, I attended the TMIKL contests where I was the Contest Toastmaster: Humorous Speech. I took up this role because I am presently working on my CL #12 & #13.

On Friday, I had received notification from Toastmasters International that my ALS and DTM applications are being processed. Note: This is my second ALS and my second DTM.

And yes, I have already earned five education awards in the month of August itself.

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