Friday, August 12, 2016

Pokemon GO: A Marketing Opportunity

With all the hype enveloping Pokemon GO and the speed at which it is spreading is unprecedented it is only a matter of time before astute marketers seize the opportunity to exploit this free-to-play, location-based augmented reality mobile game that is taking the world by storm.
Here’s one Malaysian example!
For those who are strangely immune to Pokemon GO and you are clueless about what it is all about – know that the object of the game is to walk around your surroundings in AR catching Pokémon creatures wherever you may find them (got to catch them all!), upgrade their abilities, and then challenge/battle them against other players at local Pokémon gym locations.
I was in Brickfields, KL on Wednesday to deliver an Advanced speech from the Speaking to Inform manual. It is assignment #3 The Demonstration Talk titled “Begin with the Ending”. I was also the Table Topics Evaluator.
It is not uncommon for me to be given multiple meeting roles. I guess it is fine as long as I can manage it.
Of course, I can.



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