Thursday, August 11, 2016

Singapore PM's Wife and Her $11 Pouch

Singapore PM’s wife seen carrying a simple blue-and-white dino pouch. AP photo.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was on an official visit (July 31-August 05, 2016) to the US of A.

And his wife, Ho Ching was spotted carrying a blue-and-white dinosaur-motif pouch that costs a mere $11 (S$14.80; RM44.65) – at the arrival ceremony at the White House South Lawn, where US President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama officially welcomed Lee and Ho to the US.

[Note: This visit coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries and the first by a Singapore prime minister since 1985].

It makes you wonder if Singaporeans are cheapskates.

Compare Ho Ching with Malaysia’s Rosmah Mansor. The latter is a woman of class. An embodiment of sophistication. A goddess of materialism. For her, it is Birkin or Birkin!

And I’m not talking about just one measly handbag to show off. Knowing her, she would have dozens or even scores of the said handbags. Different colors, different sizes, different styles.

After all, PM Najib Razak's spouse is larger than life!

On the other hand, Ho believes in simplicity. No need for any bling bling to dazzle. Or even branded bags to impress. Only severe modesty.

I suppose she has nothing to prove anymore!

Last Wednesday, ‘The Art Faculty’ – a store managed by Pathlight, Singapore’s first autism-focused school – posted on Facebook a photo of Ho together with a “Dino Silhouettes” pouch that was designed by one of their students, nineteen-year-old Seetoh Sheng Jie.

Before the Facebook publicity, it took them four months to sell close to 200 pouches. After the post, on that day itself – they sold two hundred pouches and counting.

Pathlight's principal, Linda Kho, said the school was unaware that Ho would be taking the pouch, which she bought at a fundraising event, to Washington.

As Malaysians, we can all sigh a big relief that Ho Ching is not Malaysian! If she is, she will earn a rebuke from Rosmah and thereafter, the latter might even kill herself in embarrassment!

Yesterday, I was on Level 9 in Berjaya Times Square in KL’s Jalan Imbi to lend support to the Berjaya UCH Toastmasters meeting there.

'Twas a smallish meeting, with only eleven Toastmasters present. In any case, as the Toastmaster-of-the-Evening, I think I gave the meeting the much-needed energy. A clapping thunder of a boost!

I also had a second role as a speech evaluator. It was a CC#4 speech.

With the completion of the Toastmaster role, I have now completed my CL #10.

This is my first Education Award for 2016-2017! And the start of many more to come.

In 2015-2016, I netted 21 awards. This term, I am aiming for 23 awards. Just two more. 

I am not that ambitious! LOL!

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