Friday, August 19, 2016

Leonardo DiCarpio's Wild Fundraisers

The Hollywood Reporter, a US-based entertainment industry-focused publication has reported that assets and funds possibly sourced from stolen Malaysian government investment arm 1MDB have made their way into an eyebrow-raising charity set up by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, well-known for wild fundraisers.
And Jho Low, a drinking buddy of DiCarpio, regularly attends these extravaganzas.
"Freewheeling bacchanals in which wives feel outnumbered by suspiciously predisposed Slavic women in bustiers and couples openly cavort in the bathroom stall," was how THR said attendees described Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation's (LDF) annual galas.
While it may have been an exaggeration, bacchanals some say translates directly into "orgy" or "orgies", and refers to celebrations by the cult of Bacchus, the ancient god of the wine, grape harvest, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and theatre.
THR had opined that DiCaprio, one of the most powerful figures in Hollywood, sainted by his professional and social circles for his globe-trotting do-gooding, may operate with comparatively little scrutiny so far, despite the questionable nature of the activities he was engaged in.
LDF had responded to queries by THR that it is supporting some of the best work on the planet and being efficient in doing so, and that its opaque nature was to protect donor's anonymity.
In any case, THR had emphasized that it has no evidence that the charity is anything but what it said it is, despite the questions raised.
I guess it is not easy to independently verify the allegations – except for those cited as being from publicly available documents which are already a matter of record.
Still, anything that is linked to 1MDB hardly surprises Malaysians anymore!
On Wednesday, Celtic took a giant step towards the Champions League group stage with an extraordinary play-off first-leg win over Israeli side Hapoel Beer Sheva.
Celtic contributed five goals – scoring through Tom Rogic (9), Leigh Griffiths (39, 45+1), Moussa Dembele (73) and Scott Brown (85). Their opponents respond with only two – Lucio Maranhao (55) and Maor Melikson (57).
The two sides meet again on Tuesday.
On the same day too, I attended the Gamuda Toastmasters meeting where I delivered my Advanced speech from the Speaking to Inform manual. My speech title was “The Kiss”.

And in the evening, I was at the Amoda Building in KL's Jalan Imbi to participate in ITC Bintang Toastmasters' club contests. And I emerged first runner-up in the Humorous Speech contest and winner in the Speech Evaluation contest.


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