Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hand Kissing Proves Loyalty

UMNO president Najib Razak (left) narrated a tale of two handshakes – one of loyalty and the other of animosity.
The first handshake, he said, happened when he arrived at the Kota Tinggi UMNO division assembly in Johor on Sunday. “A Wanita delegate held my hand and kissed it not once, but twice,” he said proudly to cheers from the over 1,000 delegates present.
“I’m sure my wife won’t be jealous because this is a manifestation from your hearts, that all of you not only support me personally, but also as the president, and are loyal to UMNO,” he declared.
In contrast, he said a handshake he offered to end party infighting, was spurned at 2015's UMNO annual general assembly.
“I stretched my hand in peace and unity, but unfortunately my handshake was not accepted,” he had explained.
“Thus it led to the incident where former leaders chose a different path… This path is against what UMNO stand for,” he said.
This was a reference to the incident last year when Najib offered to make peace with his then UMNO deputy, Muhyiddin Yassin.
[Note: Truth be told, Muhyiddin, in fact, returned Najib’s handshake at the assembly. Anyway, the former has since gone on to ally himself with the latter’s nemesis, Mahathir Mohamad].
Najib’s point is that you showed your loyalty by kissing his hand. Once is good enough but twice is better. And if you don’t, you are disloyal and therefore, you’d better watch out! Just so you know, it doesn’t matter if his hands are unclean – after all, we all know that arse kissers don’t give a shit anyway!

I suppose kissing hands is not as bad as arse-kissing! In any case, in UMNO, you can find both types in every nook and cranny!
On Sunday, I was at the Sri Sathya Sai Baba Center in Jalan SS3/33 in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
I am grateful to the Sai Masters Toastmasters Club for allowing me to deliver my CC#5 speech in Malay. My title was “Si Pemalu” (‘The Shy One’). I have now reached the halfway mark and I am relieved I have only five speeches remaining.


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