Friday, August 26, 2016

Forget about Pokemon GO, Go for Pokeburgs

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Creative director Ben Kagan (left) and business partner Archie Saliba pose with their limited-edition Pokeburg hamburgers on August 26, 2016. Reuters pic

Pokémania has been sweeping the world ever since Pokémon GO's release, and countless businesses are finding ways to cash in on the fad.

Now a burger restaurant in Sydney, Australia called the Down N' Out has started selling Pokeburgs. From August 22 through September 03, 2016, these burgers in the form of Pokemon characters are available at $15 apiece, at least while supplies last.
If you live in or are visiting Sydney, I suppose they are worth capturing! Only because they feed your stomach!
Last evening, I was in Wisma Naza in Jalan Sungai Besi in KL to deliver another Advanced speech. It was titled “Fiery Lessons” – assignment #5 The Crisis Management Speech from the Public Relations manual.

I was to assume I was the spokesperson for a company that was experiencing a crisis. I was to present a 4-6 minute speech to the media about the situation, and striving to build and maintain a positive image for the said company. And following the speech, I conducted a 3-5 minute Q&A.
I took up the Timekeeper role too. Additionally, I participated in the impromptu speech session and I was voted Best Table Topics Speaker.



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