Monday, July 11, 2016

Unsafe Sabah Waters

That fool of a PM had insisted that Sabah is safe and protected (Malay Mail Online, March 30, 2016).
Certainly, neighbor Indonesia will take issue with Najib Razak's empty assurance.
In fact, today, the country called on Malaysia and the Philippines to do more to secure their “unsafe” waters after the weekend abduction of Indonesians by suspected Islamist militants.
Five armed men in a speedboat kidnapped the three Indonesians late Saturday from a Malaysian-flagged trawler off Lahad Datu in Sabah and took them towards the strife-torn southern Philippines.
It is said that the kidnappers were targeting Indonesian citizens, as three Malaysians and an Indonesian who concealed his nationality were released from the same vessel.
It takes to 24 the number of Indonesians kidnapped this year in the vital waterway between Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, with militant outfit Abu Sayyaf accused of being behind all the abductions.

Abu Sayyaf jihadists released a photo dated April 08, 2016 of the four Malaysian hostages Wong Teck Kang, 31, Wong Hung Sing, 34, Wong Teck Chii, 29, and Johnny Lau Jung Hien, 21, who were kidnapped in Sabah. The photo was uploaded on Facebook.

And don’t forget too, the four Malaysian crew members of a commercial shipping line who were kidnapped off Sabah’s coast on April 01, 2016 by the same Abu Sayyaf group – although the Sarawakians had been released on June 08.
Obviously, our borders, our shores and our waters are porous. This is in spite of curfew hours between 7PM to 5AM being still in place.

Even with the Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM) in charge, it appears that our Sabah coastline is not safe.
On Sunday, I was at the Sai Masters Toastmasters meeting where I delivered my second speech from the Humorously Speaking manual titled ”The Conjuring”.

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