Sunday, July 17, 2016

Police Killings in the US

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US news have been focusing on the many lives lost to police killings.
But we must remember too that police officers put their lives in danger every day. From 2004-2014, an annual average of 51 officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty according to data collected by the FBI. In the same time period, an average of 57,000 officers were assaulted every year (though only about 25 percent of those assaults result in any physical injuries).
But let’s look at it from another perspective.

Violent attacks on officers, particularly those that involve a serious physical threat, are few and far between when you take into account the fact that police officers interact with civilians about 63 million times every year.

In percentage terms, officers were assaulted in about 0.09 percent of all interactions, were injured in some way in 0.02 percent of interactions, and were feloniously killed in 0.00008 percent of interactions (The Atlantic, December 12, 2012), .

So really, the pepper spray, baton, Taser, and gun that are so easily accessible to police officers are meant to be tools of last resort.

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