Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Malaysian Eunuchs Still Keep their Testicles

The US DOJ lawsuits that sought to seize assets tied to funds stolen from 1MDB had prompted a noisy menagerie of Malaysian buffoons to voice support for PM Najib Razak.
A sample of the bozos:

Mohamed Apandi Ali, Attorney-General

Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Minister in Prime Minister's Department

Salleh Said Keruak, Communications and Multimedia Minister
Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, ex-DAP politician and now UMNO ass-kisser
On Saturday, National Human Rights Society (Hakam) president Ambiga Sreenevasan had demanded that everybody in the Malaysian cabinet resign as they are equally at fault for the country's woes!
"It is not just Najib that is guilty of what is going on in Malaysia, it is the entire cabinet,” she had said. "All those ministers who are saying nothing, it is a sin of omission".
On Monday, ex-UMNO minister and now Najib critic Zaid Ibrahim wrote in his blog The Zaidgeist: “In the days of emperors who ruled over vast empires, servants whose testicles had been cut off were employed by these emperors as their palace guards. The emperors required men they could trust implicitly to take care of their concubines and mistresses – some emperors had more than a thousand wives.
The emperors could not trust “normal” men to keep their mistresses “chaste” and not go looking for pleasure with the palace guards, so a generation of eunuchs – males who were rendered incapable of sexual acts by mutilation and castration – grew to serve the emperors’ special needs.
The castration was done early and because eunuchs were employed in the inner palace areas, they had the proximity and opportunity to mingle with the emperor, his concubines and key palace advisors.
The eunuchs then used these opportunities to influence the emperor and advisors on policy matters and would regularly interfere in affairs of state. This is one of the reasons why eunuchs held important positions in the empire, not to mention acquiring vast wealth and power.
I have to explain this for you to be able to explain to others (especially foreigners) why Najib Razak is still all-powerful. Najib, the great emperor of the 21st century, has done what others can only dream of doing, which is to be the wealthiest Prime Minister in the history of Malaysia and perhaps even the world”.
And Najib still commands “a lot of support from his Cabinet colleagues, his party, the civil service, the Police, journalists in the mainstream media and the bloggers, not to mention the judiciary and Members of Parliament”.
Zaid added: “The real reason why Najib remains Prime Minister despite what has happened is his success at creating a long line of eunuchs to serve him. These eunuchs are different from the eunuchs of the Middle Kingdom in only one respect – their testicles are intact – but in everything else they share the same characteristics.
Najib has cut off not their testicles but something more valuable to a human being: he has removed their self-esteem and dignity; and by putting fear in them, they oblige and kiss his hands and promise to be loyal to him for ever and ever.
They will do anything and everything for him: they fear him, and feel they are nothing without his grace and blessing. Their collective defense of their “Emperor” gives them a sense of belonging – and they are well-rewarded for their zeal”.

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