Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hell Notes for DAP

UMNO don’t even pretend to be civil anymore. They are showing their true colors. They are bellicose, belligerent and brutish!
On July 12, 2016, a rambunctious group of some 150 rowdy UMNO Youth members and supporters in red shirts faced off police outside the DAP national headquarters in KL’s Jalan Yew – to show their rancor at Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming.
As the rabble-rousers handed over a memorandum of protest to one Chu Yoon Ming, a couple of them flung “hell notes” at the DAP rep.
[Note: ’Hell notes’ is a form of joss paper printed to resemble legal tender bank note and it is a Chinese custom to burn them as offerings for deceased ancestors].
When asked later why they had thrown the “hell notes”, the UMNO members said it was because they wanted the DAP party “to die”.
DAP’s Nga has been accused of putting up insulting Facebook posts comparing the Malay practice of giving out cash during the Hari Raya celebration in the form of “duit raya” to “dedak”, as well as posting an Aidilfitri message with a picture of the USA flag.
[Note: Dedak (which means ‘animal feed’) is a derogatory term popularly used by opposition supporters to refer to government and political handouts].
UMNO Supreme Council member, Ismail Sabri had come out to declare that 'duit raya' is not bribery (Star Online, July 09, 2016). He explained "It is our culture and the children who received the money are happier for attending the open house".

But if you care to check out the pic below which accompanied the Star story, you'll know there were no children in the said photo:

Yesterday, I was in Brickfields in KL to deliver a ‘Make Them Laugh’ speech from the Humorously Speaking manual titled “My Pet Roaches”.
This was the first meeting without Johnny Yong – he has left for the US of A, in case you didn’t know – and fourteen Toastmasters came to ensure we had a successful meeting. Six of them were MIA Toastmasters.

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