Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Emperor Najib

On April 30, 2015, Zaid Ibrahim had blogged about Najib Razak “no longer acting as a Prime Minister, but as an Emperor”!
This is what he wrote: “Najib thinks he is Louis XIV. That infamous French King proudly declared that he was literally the state of France (“L’etat cest moi”), which meant that whatever he said was the law and no other authority mattered. No one could or had the right to question him. He spent the state’s money as he liked and accounted to no one, not even to the papal authority. His commands were followed and his coterie of loyal servants prospered.
By that same token, Najib is our first Emperor of Malaysia. He certainly behaves like one. He is very rich because, like Louis XIV, he inherited an enormous amount of wealth, so his office has claimed. When his siblings stepped in to say their late father – Malaysia’s second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak – had not been rich, Najib did not then explain where he had, in fact, got his money. He did not even bother to tell people how much he is worth, because like an Emperor, he does not need to explain anything to anyone.
When his bodyguards killed a young woman from Mongolia and bombed her body to smithereens, he did not feel it was necessary to ask why. He was not at all interested to explain these strange circumstances when everyone else wants to know why this killing was carried out. He was only interested to swear in God’s name that he had not known her. Like an Emperor, he does not need to account for or explain his actions, and by extension, those of his bodyguards.
As Finance Minister he is ultimately responsible for 1MDB” – and still, “he does not bother to answer the many questions raised regarding 1MDB because he is an Emperor.
The people of this country did not choose an Emperor during the last election; they thought they were electing a Prime Minister”.
All hail the Emperor! At this point, all loyal citizens are to prostrate themselves on the bare floor before a portrait of Najib. They should kneel four times, and each time touching their heads on the ground four times. 
Last evening, I was at the BAC Petaling Jaya premise in Jalan Utara in PJ to attend the Taman Indrahana Toastmasters meeting.
There, I delivered my last assignment from the Humorously Speaking manual – my speech title “Ong the Ogre”. It took me forty-four days to complete this Advanced manual containing five speeches.

I must have done well because I was voted Best Project Speaker.


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