Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Damning Chilcot Verdict on Tony Blair

The long-awaited findings of the 2.6 million-word Iraq Inquiry – widely known as the Chilcot report, for probe chairperson John Chilcot – were released in London today.
Former British prime minister Tony Blair (left) was damned – and that did not at all come as a surprise.
He took his country into a badly planned, woefully executed and questionable war in Iraq in 2003 and the decision to join the US-led invasion was taken before all other options had been exhausted and worse, it was made on the basis of false intelligence.
Blair faced particular criticism after pledging to support US president George W Bush the year before the invasion “whatever” happened and failing to ensure “there was a flexible, realistic and fully resourced plan”.
More than 150,000 Iraqis had died by the time most British troops withdrew in 2009, while 179 British soldiers also lost their lives. The country remains plagued by sectarian violence.
Still, Blair insisted he had acted in Britain’s “best interests”. And still, the war criminal is not admitting he had erred.
Also today, I came across this meaningful advice:

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