Friday, July 15, 2016

Culture of Corruption at MAS

Ben Schlappig, writing in his blog One Mile at a Time had disclosed on June 27, 2016 that Christoph Mueller (right), the turnaround CEO who quit MAS prematurely – will be working for Emirates, where he’ll be the chief transformation officer, and being largely responsible for technology at the airline.
“As I said above, Christoph Mueller is brilliant, and for what it’s worth, I know if a friend of a friend who is very close to the MAS situation who said the reason he quit was because he could no longer handle the culture of corruption at the airline, and that so much of the rest of the management wasn’t actually interested in improving things. Some of you may recall that Malaysia brought a 747 back into service, which apparently was a 'last straw' for him, as that entire decision was made without consulting him”.
That is how Malaysia does things wad! That’s why employing a non-Malaysian won’t change anything because he or she doesn’t understand Malaysian business culture! LOL!
Celtic gave Scotland their proudest moment in European football by winning the 1967 European Cup, but the 2016 side has now handed the country their most embarrassing in losing to Gibraltar part-timers on Wednesday.
In Brendan Rodgers' first game as Celtic boss, he saw his side humbled 1-0 by Lincoln Red Imps in the first leg of their second Champions League qualifier.
Celtic had labored in the first 45 minutes before a 34-year-old policeman Lee Casciaro – who had scored Gibraltar's first international goal against Scotland at Hampden Park in 2015 – sensationally put the part-timers ahead in the 47th minute.
Leigh Griffiths hit the woodwork twice as the Scottish champions battled for their dignity, but, buoyed by their stunning breakthrough, the home side held out for a result which is nothing short of a humiliation for Celtic's European history.
Scottish newspaper The Daily Record made this observation: “Rodgers said he was treating the Imps like they were Barcelona – well, his side made the policemen and custom officials look like Barcelona”.
The return-game at Celtic Park next week should still be a formality, but Rodgers' tenure has begun in the worst possible way.
It had promised to be a stroll for the Glasgow club.
On Thursday, I was at the Metro Toastmasters meeting where I delivered my Advanced speech assignment #3 The Roast titled "Victor Ong, My Other Namesake". And guess what? I was evaluated by Victor Ong himself!
There were only fourteen of us at the said meeting but it was both enlightening and enjoyable. I no longer assign scores for Toastmasters meetings that I attended but if I did, this would surely score a 9 over 10!


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