Sunday, July 3, 2016

Brexit Bride

"In a gesture of unification between myself and my fellow reluctant Brexiting brethren from outside the Scottish borders" Ray-Lo announces, "I'm offering the chance of a lifetime"

Scottish actress and comedian Rachel Loughran also known as Ray-Lo has responded to the Brexit fallout by creating a tongue-in-cheek video with the hashtag #MakeMeScotttish offering English men "the chance of a lifetime" and remain in the EU - by marrying her! Of course, only when Scotland leaves the UK and rejoins the Brussels club.
The footage comes as record numbers of people enquire about moving north of the border, following last week's vote to leave the EU.
And in dramatic tones worthy of a movie trailer she elaborates on the above statement in a breathy voce: "The potential opportunity of obtaining a Scottish passport by making me your wife".
She even had bagpipes in the background playing a film-like rendition of Amazing Grace.
"Your Tunnock teacakes await", she adds, referring to the popular Scottish sweet treat with all the impressive delivery of a war general rousing his troops. "Take a bite of my deep-fried haggis and let me make you... Scottish".


To drive home how just great Scottish life could be for this lucky man (or woman), Ray-Lo picks up the haggis and bites off a large mouthful as the bagpipes blow energetically and stares intensely at the camera.
But, ever the comedian, the beauty quickly brings an end to the Hollywood-esque scene.
"Lovely Jean, really nice," she interrupts, suddenly bringing the music to a halt and turning to the waiter to compliment him on the dish.
Loughran, who was raised in Glasgow but now lives in North London, told The Sun, "It is a joke, but with a serious message".
In a longer version of the video she says: "Scotland. Land of the free, country of the brave, birthplace of the deep-fried Mars bar and home to 1,661,191 people who want to part of the EU, including me".
While the jokey video is unlikely to result in actual marriage, Ray-Lo has said she may well go for a night out with someone if they caught her eye with their e-proposal.

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