Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Brand New Airline in Malaysia

Image via 肥媽 Maria Cordero/Facebook
Malaysians should be familiar with “teksi sapu” or in English, unlicensed taxis. Any public transportation that operates without license or permit from the Land Public Transport Commission (or more popularly known by its Malay acronym SPAD) can face action under Section 16 of the Land Public Transport Act 2010.
This is Boleh-land! Illegal cabs are one thing, but an unlicensed airline is another!
A brand new airline had a glittery launch in Subang on July 22, 2016. The public only heard about MonSpace Sky Airline two days later when Malay Mail Online featured them via Galaksi Media Online.
Operated by Suasa Air Sdn Bhd and owned by one Dr Jessy Lai, MonSpace Sky Airline are reportedly operating from the KLIA, running domestic flights to Langkawi.
According to Lai’s "biography" on her website, she's "a multi-faceted entrepreneur", philanthropist, inspirational coach, educator, and investor. If you scrutinize carefully, one of the businesses she is involved in, sounds very much like those pyramid schemes.
That is not all! Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai was caught napping. In fact, the Star Online quoted him as saying on July 24, "I have not heard of this airline". A day later, the authorities scrambled to say something!
The Malaysian Aviation Commission announced it would investigate Suasa Airlines for their July 22 ‘demonstration’ flight from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi – despite the said airline not having an Air Service Permit from Mavcom to operate commercial flights. 
Liow who managed to finally learn about MonSpace Sky Airline asserted that Suasa Airlines had only received “technical approval” from the Department of Civil Aviation in the form of an Air Operator’s Certificate; it did not give the company the authority to start flying.
DCA director-general Azharuddin Abd Rahman clarified that the department had not issued an AOC to either Monspace Airlines or Monspace Sky Airlines.
Yet, SUASA Airlines aircraft were marked with ‘Monspace SUASA Airlines’ and there is also ‘www.monskyways.com’.
Pic L-R: Maria Cordero, Shila Amzah and Jessy Lai. Image via Maria Cordero/Facebook
BTW, two of the invited guests who flew to Langkawi were Malaysian singer-songwriter Shila Amzah and Hong Kong celebrity, Maria Cordero.
Only in Malaysia!
Last evening, I was at the KGPA in Jalan Damansara in KL to attend the Speakers Dream Toastmasters meeting. There, I took up the role of a Grammarian as well as deliver an Advanced speech from the Humorously Speaking manual.
The title of my speech was “Save a Life, Smoke”.
I was to use exaggeration to tell a humorous story and my evaluator K Loghandran believed I did just that. The speech was premised on my 'contention' that smokers live longer than non-smokers! LOL!!


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