Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Please Don't Die in Vain

A message to all my students, wherever they may be!

Don't skip classes. Don't slack off. Because doing it may be fatal!

Nelson Mandela was right when he said: "Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world"! So, please don't miss out on your education!

On Monday, I was at the SJMC Toastmasters meeting in Subang Jaya where I took up the role of Table Topics Master. And I was even given a speaking slot. Of course, I grabbed the opportunity and delivered a CC #7 speech titled "Death: A Choice".


Three more speeches before I complete my CC round #35! 


Unknown said...

Study for your own sake. If you keep on slacking off from your studying. You'll be like those students, end up getting nothing and slowly get killed by this reality world.

Unknown said...

Study might be bored but you can learn new things; Slack off might be fun but you will get nothing and sometimes will get trouble. However if you enjoy your study, study will be fun for you. Student, do not let a moment of happiness destroy you.

Alex^^ said...

Education may not be the right key for happiness but it is definitely the key to other things which come together to make you happy. Sometimes slacking off is not a bad thing but don’t get used to it. You have to find the right timing. Don't be like these students.