Thursday, May 26, 2016

Melting Roads

India’s on-going heat wave, which set a new record for the country’s highest-ever recorded temperature last week, is melting tarmac on the roads of some of India's busiest cities.
Pedestrians in the city of Valsad in Gujarat, had a nasty surprise on Saturday when they got onto city roads as temperatures rose to 36C.
Video footage from NDTV shows these residents struggling to free their shoes and sandals that got stuck to the melting tar:

Abandoned footwear are seen strewn across the sticky roadway and a woman falls over as she attempts to carry a heavy bag over the road.
Temperatures in parts of western India exceeded 50C on Friday. The record – a searing 51C – was set in the city of Phalodi, in the western state of Rajasthan. The previous high was 50.6C in 1956 in the city of Alwar, also in Rajasthan.
Indian weather officials have warned of more frequent heat waves as the scorching temperatures cause an increase in dehydration and heatstroke cases, as well as triggering widespread power cuts as surging demand overwhelms supply grids.
Hundreds of people have died as crops have withered in the fields in more than 13 states, forcing tens of thousands of small farmers to abandon their land and move into the cities. Others have killed themselves rather than go to live in urban shanty towns.
Rivers, lakes and dams have dried up in many parts of the western states of Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat.
The heat wave has struck as India contends with a major drought and worsening water shortages that have affected around 330 million people.
May and June are typically India’s hottest months and temperatures regularly exceed 40C in the run-up to the monsoon rains, but the severity of this year’s heat had been unprecedented.
I was at the TM Convention Center in KL’s Jalan Pantai Baharu to attend the Telekom Malaysia Toastmasters meeting last evening. There were no speaking slots available for me but I was given the Grammarian role instead.
It’s okay because I am working to complete my eleventh round of the CL manual. And my tenth round is almost done.

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