Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hong Kong Students at Breaking Point

Alarmingly, the 2015-16 academic year seems to be the year when the pressure has become too much for Hong Kong’s students.
Since September last year, a staggering twenty-two of them had committed suicide, beginning with a graduate student from Chinese University Hong Kong on the very first day of the academic year, and including a 12-year-old child who took his life on March 08, 2016. What's more, the four most recent cases occurred over just five days.
Compare this to the average of 23 student suicides a year between 2010 and 2014, according to figures from the University of Hong Kong’s Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention, and it is clear why alarm bells are ringing.
The Education Bureau has already announced measures after an emergency meeting with key stakeholders. These included improving student counselling support in schools, holding seminars to help teachers and parents to identify problems earlier, and forming a committee to come up with recommendations on preventative solutions in six months.
Hong Kong has witnessed too many needless deaths – this has to stop!
I realize how precious life is because I have seen how it can be taken away. Well, almost. Years ago at Nilai College. That is why this issue touches a raw nerve!
The importance of appreciating how valuable life is.
Indeed, the most prized gift of life is to be alive, to stay alive and to celebrate life!
Today is the conclusion of the Sunway TES Youth Leadership Program – conducted over two Sundays. It was the success of last year's YLP which I single-handedly organized that led to this program being continued for the Yayasan Peneraju scholars. I am not making  this claim just to feel good but Teo Ee Sing (Sunway College's Executive Director) himself said this at yesterday's event.

For sure, these students did very well – thanks to the magic of Toastmasters.


I salute the dedicated Toastmasters from Division P’s ITC Bintang and Liquid Gold Advanced. We shared and we learned.

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