Sunday, May 1, 2016

Gucci Paper Offerings

A store selling paper replicas of items used as offerings for deceased relatives and displaying paper luxury bags in Hong Kong, on April 29, 2016. Photo: AFP

A handbag paper offering bearing a logo similar to Gucci's. Photo: Apple Daily

Gucci has sent legal letters to Hong Kong shops selling paper replicas of its products as offerings to the dead.
According to Hong Kong Free Press, citing Apple Daily, the Italian luxury goods maker stated the said items bearing similar logos were a copyright violation.
Still, the shopkeepers need not be worried. In a statement to the BBC, Gucci Hong Kong said there were no plans to take legal action because they “respect the funeral context” and that the shore owners did not have the intention to infringe Gucci’s trademark.
Gucci had explained: “Thus a letter was sent on an informational basis to let these stores know about the products they were carrying, and by asking them to stop selling those items.”
Paper offerings that resemble everyday items like mansions, cars, iPads and luxury bags are burnt in Chinese culture because it is believed the dead can use them in the afterlife.
HKFP had pointed out that Gucci’s hands are tied anyway. In a 2011 case, papier-mâché offering businesses were sued in Chinatown, Manhattan in New York City, USA for copyright violation after they distributed paper replicas of Gucci products. The court eventually ruled that the businesses were not guilty on the grounds that paper offerings were a part of Asian culture.
Naturally, Hong Kong residents have reacted with their usual acerbic wit on social media.
The BBC quoted a Facebook user called Vincent Charles as saying, “Does Gucci want to open branches in the underworld?” while another by the name of Sammi Ng said: “Maybe Gucci should launch their own paper offering products.”
Swansea City beat Liverpool 3-1 in today's EPL match. The Reds’ only goal came from Christian Benteke in the sixty-fifth minute.
Jurgen Klopp had made eight changes as he fielded his youngest starting XI in the Premier League era with an average age of 23 years 218 days. The European commitments must have weighed heavily on his mind – hence this experimental side.

A day earlier, in the Scottish Premiership, Celtic defeated Hearts 3-1.

Colin Kazim-Richards opened the scoring for the former in the seventeenth minute and then Abiola Dauda levelled in the fifty-seventh minute. Patrick Roberts (66) and then Leigh Griffiths (85) won the game for Celtic. 

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