Monday, May 23, 2016

1,000 Medical Graduates Quit as Doctors

As reported by The Star on November 09, 2015, over one thousand medical graduates quit their ambition to become doctors because of poor English proficiency.

According to Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) Malacca chapter president Prof Dr M Nachiappan, they had already completed their two-year housemanship in public hospitals.

More than six months on, this news is still a trending topic on the web. It is a testimony to the sorry state of the nation today. It is bad enough that education standards are declining but when so-called professionals can’t even communicate in English – it is indeed, a sad state of affairs!

Universities and colleges – I call them ‘degree factories’ – continue to churn out graduates, who are armed with supposedly impressive qualifications. And just in case you doubt them, they can show you their testamurs that print out their academic achievement.

But when they speak, you realize soon after that their English is lamentable. And so, communication suffers.

Ii does not come as a surprise that on campuses, English is not widely spoken. Even when the medium of instruction is English.

If we don't have the discipline to speak English, don't expect English to be spoken well.

I was at the University Malaya Toastmasters meeting this evening. My gratitude to club president, Jacky Wong for being generous – he offered me a speaking slot when I told him only a day earlier that I intended to visit his club.

And today, I delivered CC#9 speech titled “Call Me Precious” and I was voted Best Speaker.

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