Thursday, April 28, 2016

Police Chief Suspended to Restore Confidence

Unlike us Malaysians, the Brits are quick to act.
Yesterday, South Yorkshire’s police chief was suspended in a bid to restore confidence after an inquest found the force was partly responsible for Britain’s 1989 Hillsborough football stadium disaster.
South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Billings, the elected official in charge of policing in the northern English region, said he had suspended David Crompton “based on the erosion of public trust and confidence”.
“I have been left with no choice other than to suspend David from his duties as chief constable of South Yorkshire police,” he said.
“I have reached this decision with a heavy heart following discussions with David both in the run-up to and following the delivery of the Hillsborough verdicts".
The inquest outcome on Tuesday found that ninety-six Liverpool fans were unlawfully killed following a series of police errors at the Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
Opposition Labour home affairs spokesperson Andy Burnham, a long-time campaigner for the disaster’s victims and who had called for the chief constable’s resignation in parliament earlier yesterday – said the police could have apologized during the inquest.
“But they didn’t and they put the families through hell once again,” he said.
In Malaysia, this outcome is never expected because it will never happen!
Our politicians and public service officials are always in denial and even if the evidence point out that they are in the wrong – they have this super-ability to pretend as if nothing is amiss! And then, we have the cover-ups and everything is back to being normal. Malaysia Boleh!
I was in Brickfields and thanks to Johnny Yong’s kindness, I was given a speaking slot.
I delivered my CC #4 speech titled “The Sound of Silence” and among the five project speakers last evening – I was voted Best Speaker.

Note to self: Six more speeches before I complete my CC manual, Round 35.

Additionally, I was the Table Topics Evaluator and for part of the meeting, I was also the Grammarian.
It was great to see twenty-seven of us gracing the MIA Toastmasters meeting! And t’was good to see Lee Min Onn – the (just-retired) Senior Partner of KPMG – as the General Evaluator. It has been a long time!


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