Saturday, April 2, 2016

Nazir Razak Receives Money from His Brother Too

A screengrab from Nazir Razak's Instagram. Image credit:

On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal revealed in their latest expose on 1MDB that CIMB chairperson Nazir Razak had confirmed receiving almost $7 million (RM27 million) from his brother, PM Najib in his private bank account.
Nazir said he now thinks he should not have helped Najib distribute the money to politicians in the ruling BN party before the 2013 general election.
"I understand the furor, and with hindsight, I wish I didn't," Nazir wrote in an Instagram post on the same day.
He also explained that leading up to the last polls, his brother had asked him to "urgently help pass on cash to party machinery".
"I assumed and believed, in good faith, that the funds came from legitimate political fund-raising," he wrote. However, he stressed that the entire amount had been fully distributed and he did not retain any of the money.
WSJ had claimed it sighted Malaysian investigation documents, which the US daily alleged indicated that “the majority” of the funds in the accounts originated from 1MDB.
I bet, if WSJ had not revealed the story, Nazir would still remain silent on the matter.
I cannot believe the banker is that na├»ve. But then again, we’re talking about Najib Razak who unashamedly used his younger brother – plus the fact that the latter is way too trusting!
I was at the MIMKL Toastmasters meeting this morning – and I delivered my CC#8 speech. It was simply titled “The Trophy”. A good speech but I went over time by 31 seconds!
This club is fast losing its shine. It may have been a “great” club but holding onto that distinction is increasingly becoming elusive.

I also received recognition from Toastmasters International for participating in the trial run of the Revitalized Education Program:

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