Monday, April 4, 2016

Malaysian Bar Calls for AG's Resignation

On March 19, 2016, at the Malaysian Bar’s annual general assembly – members voted to pass a motion calling for Mohamed Apandi Ali's resignation as attorney-general "for the good of Malaysia and to restore public confidence and perception of the rule of law, in particular the administration of criminal justice in Malaysia".
Malay Mail Online reported a source who was at the AGM who confirmed that 744 voted for the motion and 62 against while 12 abstained.
Three lawyers – Charles Hector, Francis Pereira and Shanmugam Ramasamy – had proposed the motion to debate the call for Apandi to step down over his handling of the cases involving 1MDB), former 1MDB unit SRC International, and the transfer of RM2.6 billion into the prime minister’s personal accounts.
Aside from the motion, the Malaysian Bar had also filed for a judicial review of the AG’s decisions in the cases mentioned and sought court orders to enable the Solicitor-General to act as the interim AG.
On Thursday, Malaysian police recorded statements from Malaysian Bar secretary Karen Cheah and three lawyers – Charles Hector, Francis Pereira and Shanmugam Ramasamy – who had moved the said motion.
On April 01, 2016, Amnesty International urged Malaysian authorities to cease sedition investigations against the four lawyers. The international human rights group said laws that are used to intimidate people from exposing wrongdoing by public officials are incompatible with the right to freedom of expression.
Why are the police being selective? Can I suggest that they investigate the seven hundred and forty-four lawyers who supported the motion?
Malaysians should watch this video from the NZ Transport Agency – the “Drive Phone Free” safety campaign:
Anyway, I have been without a phone for the longest time now and believe me when I say, it is very liberating!
This television commercial made by Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan for TC Bank caught my attention. It is based on a true story:

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