Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mahathir Mohamad Faces 4 Police Investigations

We have a dictatorship in Malaysia. Although many will insist we are a democracy.
The fact of the matter is that 47.38% of Malaysians voted for Najib and UMNO in GE13 and because of their ignorance, foolishness and/or stupidity – the BN coalition secured 133 parliamentary seats and therefore, controlled the 222-seat Dewan Rakyat.
And once in power, the country is doomed. The people can always be brought to the bidding of Najib and his arse-lickers. Isn’t this what’s happening right now? The democratic space is fast diminishing.
And if you dare to voice out – then be ready to pay a price.
Mahathir Mohamad – who himself was a dictator during his tenure as prime minister from 1981 to 2003 – is making the same claim about present-day PM Najib Razak. And in doing so, he is inviting retribution.
True enough, Malaysian police have opened four investigation papers against him. Inspector-General Police Khalid Abu Bakar said investigations into some of these cases have been concluded, but did not elaborate.
“Some investigations are on sedition and the rest are other things,” he said when asked what offences Mahathir may have committed.

I am expecting Mahathir to go to jail soon. Surely, out of the four investigations – they could nail him on at least one.
If it happens, just deserts for a man who first pushed Malaysia onto a perilous descent. His successor, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi didn’t follow the same road only because most times, he fell asleep. But Najib continues from where Mahathir left – and it is again all downhill from there. The country stands a good chance of being calamitously crippled. A fact we cannot deny.
Between Mahathir and Najib – that’s like between the devil and the deep blue sea. 
George Ayittey had said: “Dictators cause the world’s worst problems: all the collapsed states, and all the devastated economies. All the vapid cases of corruption, grand theft, and naked plunder of the treasury are caused by dictators, leaving in their wake trails of wanton destruction, horrendous carnage and human debris”.
Anyway, what difference does it make when Najib – whether in the name of dictatorship or democracy – is already effectively exercising control over a meek Cabinet and a docile government, and by extension, a populace that behaves more like cattle? What’s more, he is flushed with money. And you know as well as I do that in politics, money is, indeed, the root of all evil.
Also, it may be worth remembering what Aung San Suu Kyi said: “Sometimes I think that a parody of democracy could be more dangerous than a blatant dictatorship, because that gives people an opportunity to avoid doing anything about it”.

Liverpool romped to an easy 4-1 victory over the Potters on Sunday – and this despite manager Jurgen Klopp resting a number of players ahead of Thursday’s second leg of the Europa League quarter-final against his former club Borussia Dortmund.
A long-range shot from Alberto Moreno in the eighth minute put the Reds ahead before Bojan Krkic escaped his marker to nod in Stoke City’s equalizer fourteen minutes later. Daniel Sturridge put away Sheyi Ojo's cross to regain the lead in the thirty-second minute. And then substitute Divock Origi scored twice (50, 65) as Liverpool leapfrogged their opponents and go eighth in the EPL table.
I watched the game 'live' and what a game it was! Thumbs up to Liverpool!
On Monday, I was in PJ’s Damansara Uptown to attend the Phoenix Toastmasters meeting – this time to deliver “Accepting an Award”, an Advanced speech from the Special Occasion Speeches manual. And I won the Best Project Speaker ribbon!


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