Friday, April 8, 2016

Jacob Zuma Survives Impeachment Vote

South Africa's scandal-plagued President Jacob Zuma on April 05 survived an impeachment vote in parliament launched after the constitutional court ruled last week that he had ignored an order to repay state funds used to upgrade his private home.
Zuma, whose colorful private life has often overshadowed his status as the leader of Africa's most industrialized economy, came through the impeachment move because his African National Congress party controls almost a two-thirds majority in the assembly. He expectedly secured the support of 233 lawmakers who voted against the opposition-sponsored motion while 143 voted in favor.
But the fall-out from the crisis has engendered political uncertainty which investors fear might yet hasten a credit ratings downgrade by ratings agencies.
Zuma is a survivor. He reminds me of Najib Razak!
My eyes wanted to remain shut but still, I managed to keep them awake for 92 minutes. I just had to watch this game, even if it was 3:00 AM (Malaysian time).
A wonderful match where you get to hear a stirring rendition of You'll Never Walk Alone – from both halves of the stadium. Both Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund have adopted it as their football anthem!

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So in the Europa League quarter-final tie between the two sides, Divock Origi contributed a thirty-sixth minute goal but Mats Hummels headed in an equalizer in the forty-eighth minute – as the first leg in Germany ended in a draw.
It was a fair result as Dortmund, favorites to win the Europa League, dominated possession but Jurgen Klopp's tactics ensured Liverpool frustrated their opponents, restricting them to few real chances. The return leg should be just as exciting!
And in case, you’re wondering why I don’t even bother mentioning anything about Malaysian football – it’s because we are so lowly in the Fifa rankings that it is not funny anymore!
Malaysia's best ever ranking was 75th position in 1993. Yesterday, we slid to 174th position! And believe me, that is not the bottom yet!
The latest position pits Malaysia among countries that pale in comparison when it comes to facilities for football, especially Samoa (170), Timor Leste (175), Bangladesh (177) and Nepal (179). Sad but true!  

Yesterday, I was in Damansara Jaya to attend the D’Utama Toastmasters meeting. The meeting started twenty-five minutes late but I endured and I stayed.

And I delivered a CC #6 speech titled “Broken Heart”. About a frog waiting for love. Anyway, it was only an okay speech though.

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