Friday, April 1, 2016

Hell Notes and Paper Banks

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Methinks, the afterworld is also not spared from inflation. That explains why “Hell notes’ do not suffice anymore!

Filial descendants now even burn an entire “bank” for their dearly departed during Qing Ming (Chinese All Souls Day). Besides paper bank headquarters, other popular offerings this time around are petrol stations that come with car wash service.
“Paper petrol stations have been selling like hot cakes to complement the paper cars and motorcycles,” said traditional Chinese prayer paraphernalia shop owner GH Teh.

The annual ritual of burning paper gifts signifies the offerings made to the deceased. The belief is that these gifts could be used by loved ones in the afterworld.
This year, Qing Ming falls on April 04 but the festival can be observed up to 10 days before or after the date.
Other popular items are handmade cocktail dresses, mansions with swimming pool and even auspicious dishes like pun choy, a traditional dish which means “treasure pot”.
Teh said these “posh” gifts were priced from RM25 to RM200. Smaller items are priced from RM1.

I suppose even in the afterworld, we still need to keep up with the Joneses.

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The official New Zealand flag results have been released, and there are no surprises.
The British ensign proved to be the victor: 1,208,702 (56.6%) voted for the current flag and 921,876 (43.2%) voted for the silver fern contender.
The total votes received were 2,140,895 – but about 10,000 of those were either invalid or it was unclear which flag the voter had selected.
Turnout for the referendum was at 67.78 percent of the total number of people on the electoral roll as at March 03, 2016 – about 3.1 million Kiwis.
At least, for this country’s flag, change is not on the cards.

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