Monday, March 21, 2016

Ridhuan Tee Barred Entry into Singapore

The infamous bigot, Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah (left) had written in his column titled “Know the true enemies of Islam” in Malay-language daily Sinar Harian that he had been maligned by Singaporean authorities.
He had complained he was treated like a terrorist. He griped that his photograph and thumbprint were taken at Singapore’s land checkpoint at Woodlands when he and a friend had travelled to the neighboring country on personal business.
Sometimes, I really wish Singapore can try to be a little kinder! They must not look down on Ridhuan Tee – he can’t help it if he is not like you and me. He deserves some sympathy. Besides, I've come across decomposed bodies that are less offensive than he is.
“After more than two hours of questioning, I received a letter saying I was not allowed to go there. There was no reason given. But I am confident that it was due to my comments on the ‘ultra kiasu’," he explained.
He said it was no loss not being able to go to Singapore, but added: “I just want to remind how dangerous the ‘ultra kiasu’ are”.
“Ultra kiasu” is a term Tee regularly uses on the DAP, a predominantly Chinese opposition party, but he has also applied it to other groups, including Christians and Malaysia’s ethnic Chinese. 
This odious, obnoxious and opprobrious Chinese Muslim had repeatedly criticized the Chinese minority in Malaysia, labelling them as “racist” and “ultra kiasu” because he had alleged that they did not show gratitude towards the BN government.
To be honest, the racist and ultra kiasu person is actually Ridhuan Tee!
In today's column, he again accused the "ultra kiasu" of trying to manipulate Muslims to bury PAS and claimed that Malays in Singapore were not given decision-making positions or posts in the police, immigration or army.
In Sunday's EPL match, Liverpool had looked in command after Philippe Countinho (17) and Daniel Sturridge scored (22).
But Southampton's Sadio Mane (64) put one in and then Graziano Pelle's curling shot restored parity in the 83rd minute, before Mane again pounced to seize all three points for his side, just three minutes later.
Pathetic Liverpool!
I was in Bangsar in KL to deliver a CC #5 speech titled "Dead or Alive" at the KL Advanced Toastmasters meeting this evening! I loved the speech even if I didn't win the Best Assignment Speaker award.


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