Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Najib Razak Should Get an Iban Wife

Last Saturday, in Kuching, Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem had suggested that PM Najib Razak find an Iban wife as he was spending so much time in the state.

Much of the media had made it a point to emphasize that the statement was made in jest because the former is known for making off-the-cuff comments and jokes, sometimes at the expense of his guests. In any case, that was what we were led to believe.

Of course, Najib was there and Adenan even mentioned that he laughed about it. I am not sure if his spouse, Rosmah Mansor was there – but I just can’t imagine her laughing about it! I didn’t find Adenan’s remark funny and so I was not at all amused.

Indeed, it was reported that reaction to the witticism had been mixed, with some finding it made in goodwill and others expressing unease. Even if there was unhappiness, the language used was markedly mild.

But the fact remains that it was a demeaning statement a joke that was in poor taste – and not just to women but also to the Dayak community.

On Monday, the Sarawak Dayak Association said it was an inappropriate statement for a Chief Minister to make about Iban women (left), and that some had taken it as an insult – adding that the latter should apologize. This was, after all, an official function and Adenan was giving an official speech.

And yesterday, Adenan was man enough to say sorry.

Iban women can now put away their placards and go on with their lives! There’s no reason to stage a protest anymore.

On Monday, Area P5 had their International Speech & Table Topics Contests at the NAWEM Office in Rumah Puspanita in KL’s Jalan Hose. There were four participants in the International Speech Contest and five participants in the Table Topics Contest from 3 Toastmasters clubs (NAWEM, Tiger & Liquid Gold).

The Champ for both contests is Liquid Gold’s Meyyappa. Well done!

Like the previous Humorous Speech & Speech Evaluation Contests, it was strictly a no-frills event. But at least, the food was a smorgasbord of culinary charm! Best-nya!

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