Monday, March 14, 2016

McDonald's Serve Beer in Korea


Asia’s first McDonald’s restaurant to sell beer is now open for business! Since February 22, 2016.
Located in Korea’s Seongnam in Gyeonggi province – the venue is said to be the ideal place for the fast-food giant to start slinging booze as the Pangyo Techno Valley area draws a “young, hip, well-paid and tech-driven” audience, according to my Sunway University student from Korea, SooJeong Chung.
The 90-seater restaurant also serves gourmet build-your-own burgers.



Pic shows my student on the left together with her parents
In case you didn’t know, the international fast-food chain began serving beer in Germany back in 1971, while French eateries also sell beer and wine, which is even available at the drive-through. Customers can also grab a beer with their meal of choice in locations across the Netherlands and Austria.
Just don’t expect McDonald’s Malaysia to follow suit.

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