Friday, March 4, 2016

Ads Not Suitable for Children

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A sexy Marc Jacobs ad – promoting the Decadence fragrance – and featuring Victoria Secret supermodel Adriana Lima came to the notice of Australia’s Advertising Standards Board because it was shown at a PG movie that is marketed to young children.
A representative from Marc Jacobs said it was a ‘human error’: which resulted in this ad being aired. “In regards to the movie allocations for this Advertisement, films with a rating of M or above were targeted for placement”.
It seems that a complainant had viewed the ad during the screening of “The Good Dinosaur” at Hoyts Cinema in Fremantle, Perth on December 27, 2015 and she was not happy!
ASB’s response: “The Board considered that the depiction of the woman rolling on the floor is sexualized and that whilst the overall tone is artistic, in the Board’s view this sexualized content is not appropriate in the context of a broad PG audience which would include children.” 
In other words, know your audience!
Still, I love the ad – watch it here:

Another commercial is also unlikely to be suitable for a PG audience. The core audience is obviously targeted at adults since the product is the Four Seasons Condoms brand.
The ad is about communicating a clear brand message in a humorous way and in keeping with the irreverent tone and personality of the brand itself.
The social video campaign launched on February 23, 2016 celebrates diversity. The tongue-in-cheek ad entitled "How big do you want it this Mardi Gras?" showcases a number of people being asked a series of questions about the cockerel they are holding!
The objective of this Emotive engagement was to promote awareness and consideration of the NAKED Condoms range and the range in sizes available. Communicating the diversity of sizes is an important message, as the right fit becomes important for safe sex.

The promotion aligns with Mardi Gras, celebrating a big cultural moment in Australia.
I was in Technology Park Malaysia in Bukit Jalil, KL to attend the Asia Pacific University Toastmasters meeting – my first time there.

I was given the role of Table Topics Evaluator.

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