Friday, February 26, 2016

Ventilation Corridors to Blow Smog Away

Photograph: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

Authorities in Beijing, China are reportedly developing a network of ventilation “corridors” to help tackle the city’s choking air pollution.
Construction in the zones, which will be created by connecting parks, rivers, lakes, highways and low building blocks, will be strictly controlled and obstacles to air flow will be removed over time, said the Xinhua state news agency, citing Wang Fei, deputy head of Beijing’s urban planning committee, as saying.
There will be five large corridors that will be more than 500 meters wide and several smaller ones, the report said, without giving a time frame for the project.
Pollution is a sore topic in China, spurring public protests every year about environmental degradation, particularly from factories. For the city and its surroundings, the government has set a target for 2020 of reducing pollution by 40% from 2013 levels.
Beijing frequently features near the top of the list of China’s most polluted cities as emissions from vehicles and heavy industry combine with weather conditions to raise smog levels. The worst bouts of air pollution tend to coincide with periods of low wind.
The authorities have increased efforts to reduce air pollution after the city’s first “red alerts” in December last year, when hazardous smog smothered the city.
It is good to know that China authorities are being pro-active for a change.
I was in PJ’s Jalan Yong Shook Lin yesterday to deliver a CC speech #2 titled “Take a Break” at the IJM Toastmasters meeting. I was evaluated by Dr Thilla Chelliah, Area T2 Director and a Money Mastery member.
It was a good meeting – not only because I was there (sorry, syiok sendiri only!) but one IJM member pushed himself to do his CC #6 speech extemporaneously. A remarkable effort from this remarkable Toastmaster, S Sugumaran.

One more reason to join Toastmasters: Here, we push ourselves because we don’t know our limits.

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