Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Mike-throwing Incident

On February 09, 2016, close to a thousand supporters gathered outside the Sungai Buloh prison for Himpunan 365, marking Anwar Ibrahim’s first year of incarceration. Of course, there was the usual round of speeches from PKR, DAP and Amanah.
But Amanah’s Mat Sabu did something a little different – he hurled his microphone! And the mike-throwing incident was talked-about and the response from netizens was mixed. Some predictably described his behavior as unbecoming. Others said it was part of an act and Mat Sabu’s strategy to attract attention and draw sympathy from the crowd that night.
At a separate gathering in Kelantan two days later, Mat Sabu (left) explained that he did what he did on Tuesday because of his frustration that Malaysians did not have the courage to stand up against tyranny.
He said that compared with the “more progressive” neighboring countries (read, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia), Malaysians appeared to be fearful of change and he was fed up about it.
“Our neighbors have moved ahead and we are still a bunch of fearful people… until when?” he had asked. “That was why I threw the microphone.”
What he said makes a lot of sense. When we have a PM who is there because self-serving UMNO division leaders had rallied around Najib Razak and chosen him from amongst them – we had put ourselves in a very precarious position. 

And if Malaysian voters still have their blinkers on and continue to vote for BN we will surely find ourselves on the descent into hell.
Money has too much power in our political system. Think about it. Our political system seems to be only working for insiders with money and power. And we know only too well that power corrupts.
I remember reading somewhere that refers to another city, another country – but we are no different! Putrajaya is like a strip club. You’ve got people tossing ringgits, and people doing the dance!
On Friday. I was in Pekan Sungai Besi in KL to attend the Perwira Toastmasters meeting. This club based at the National Defence University of Malaysia grow on you because their members are really nice people.
And although there were only six of us that day, we still managed five Table Topics speeches and two assignment speeches. Not bad!
I took part in both sessions and I was voted Best Table Topics Speaker. As for my 5-7 minute speech, I delivered CC#9 titled “Not Now, Later!” about the virtues of procrastination.

I certainly enjoyed the meeting and I thank club president Prof. Dr. Wan Md. Zin Wan Yunus for having me there – even though he could not be present!

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