Thursday, February 25, 2016

FT Minister Wants to Legalize Street Races

On Monday, Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor (left) proposed that the government legalize street races to counter the rampant “mat rempit” problem.
I read it correctly. He did say that legalizing this dangerous activity will solve illegal motorcycle racing on our city roads. He explained that a large number of Malaysians (read, Malays) turned to unsanctioned racing because it offered economical thrills.
Is he saying that Malays are unfulfilled unless they have their thrills? And that their lives are so damn cheap?
He is also making the claim that it is a form of entertainment for them – not the usual indulgences like sports and music.

If racing along our roads with scant regard for anybody or anything is entertaining, then why don’t we allow them to do the other equally thrilling stuff that so happens to also be illegal/illicit/criminal?
Let’s legalize marijuana (“ganja” to the locals) smoking to counter the problem of drug abuse. Legalize abortion to counter the phenomenon of abandoned babies. Legalize the giving of bribes and categorize them as ‘donations’ so nobody (not just PM Najib Razak) is guilty of corrupt practice. And this is only a few examples. 
But seriously, I cannot even believe that this bloated bag of foul farts even referred to them as Mat Moto (motorcycle enthusiasts) rather than for what they really are – Mat Rempits (illegal racers).
After I have recovered from my initial shock, I can buy-in into this preposterous proposal of his. Hehe, I am surprised I can actually accept this stupid suggestion.
Now if he really persists in embarking on this idiotic idea – the first thing he can do is to kindly turn the road in front of his residence into a race track for these Mat Rempits. He would learn about this thrilling activity first hand. Every night, he will get the chance to witness this ear-splitting spectacle up close.

The crashing cacophony of modified motors at full throttle, I am sure is an audible fest. And if he loves gory effects – you never know – he might just be lucky to see bloodied bodies and mangled machines if something unfortunate happens.
When you have an UMNO minister saying things like this, you know Malaysia has gone to the dogs! Arf-arf!
Yesterday evening, I attended a demo meeting for Touch N Go staffers in Tower 6 at Avenue 5, The Horizon in Bangsar South, KL. It was not your usual demo meeting but still, the interest amongst employees was ebulliently enthusiastic.

I was a last-minute Ah Counter!

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