Sunday, February 28, 2016

Facebook Reactions

The "like" button has always been too simplistic of a reaction for Facebook users.
The reality is that human reactions are just too complex and varied. And for deeper reactions, we had to resort to making comments.
From Wednesday, users can now do a whole lot more than "like" a Facebook post.
"Love," "Haha," "Angry,” Wow," and "Sad," are the latest Facebook buttons that people can click when responding to a post. Anyone who uses Facebook can now choose from these "Reactions" on top of liking, commenting or sharing something.
With these latest reactions, we can now better view sentiments and pain points at a glance. As a Facebook user, there is greater interaction. And from a marketing perspective, "reactions" offer more data to be mined for targeting.
Facebook researchers, engineers and product teams spent more than a year preparing “Reactions” for launch. They worked with sociologists, consulted focus groups and conducted surveys to determine which emotions would make the final cut. They looked at the most popular stickers and emojis on the platform for clues too.
Missing from this set of responses is a "dislike" button – an option CEO Mark Zuckerberg first hinted at in September 2015. But launching a dislike button would have risked turning Facebook into a place where people vote posts up or down.
"That doesn't seem like the kind of community that we want to create," Zuckerberg said during a town hall Q&A.
This is yet another attempt at keeping Facebook fresh, and deepening people's attachment to the website and app.
At worst, some users could find the new choices unhelpful. But as long as a few million people "Love" or laugh a few times a day, that's still a lot of new, profit-driving data for Facebook and their advertisers.
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