Friday, February 5, 2016

Atria's Wishing Notes

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On January 14, 2016, Atria Shopping Gallery in PJ's Damansara Jaya launched a Lunar New Year campaign in which they invited shoppers to join in on some in-mall activities to stand a chance at winning prizes. One was “The Tree of Dreams” aka the “CNY Wishing Tree”. [Actually, there was no tree but never mind!]
To participate, shoppers are required to purchase RM50 and above in a single receipt from any store in the said mall and make a CNY (i.e. Chinese New Year) wish at the wishing “tree” located at the mall’s public concourse. Lucky participants would then stand a chance at winning RM28,888 worth of shopping vouchers and gift sets.
This promo was supposed to run until February 22, 2016 but midway through, they decided to take down not just the wishes but the entire “tree” altogether. All because they discovered some shoppers (Atria claimed “a few persons” only) had wished for PM Najib Razak to “leave office”!

The make-a-wish stand in Atria Shopping Gallery, before it was removed by the management. Pic: Curi-curi Wang Malaysia Facebook page

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To poorly-informed Atria, these "misguided" persons had “penned politically sensitive and possibly, defamatory statements on the Wishing Cards”
In a posting on Facebook at 04:42 PM on February 02, the Atria management said that the content in the said “wishing cards” were “the personal opinions of the persons who penned the note(s)” and that the Atria Shopping Gallery and their Management did not “endorse nor encourage the posting of such statements”.
How stupid can Atria management be? How can asking a public elected official to step down be considered defamatory? Is democracy on holiday?
Naturally, photos of the “wishes” in question have since been posted elsewhere on Facebook.

I wonder from which crevice did the Atria management crawl out from. Obviously, they don’t seem able to fathom the true wishes of the majority of Malaysians. If, as they say, it was only the work of a few people, why worry? I wonder also why they could be so chickenshit and yet still had the balls to censor the public’s wish list.
Atria has shown they are very out of touch with the sentiments of the Malaysian public. For sure, Atria is definitely not on my list of malls to chill out.
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