Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Parrot in 1MDB

1MDB president Arul Kanda Kandasamy is a parrot. He keeps reciting the same old, same old stuff, blaming the opposition for negative market sentiments on the state fund, which he said had adversely affected the value of their assets.
On January 13, 2016, Arul blamed 1MDB’s woes on the opposition, telling the New Straits Times that 1MDB could have potentially got more for their assets disposals to cover their burgeoning debt, had the opposition not scared investors away.
"Arguably, we could have got better value for Edra Energy, Bandar Malaysia and the land in TRX and I would say yes, we would not have this problem if it had not been for the opposition which politicized this issue," Arul Kanda was quoted as saying.
The following day, it was Channel News Asia's turn. "All negative noises have reduced the pool of investors and naturally, that has impacted the prices that can be achieved", they quoted him as saying.

The embattled 1MDB chief attacked the opposition, telling CNA that the latter had "lost their arguments" and “have no more bullets left”.

He told the Singapore news channel: "They are scraping the bottom of the barrel to justify their existence".

What’s the matter with this blockhead? Doesn’t he get tired of singing the same tune over and over again?

A parrot is a parrot is a parrot. That’s Arul, alrite!

Liquid Gold Advanced Toastmasters Club had their fourth meeting last Friday. Seventeen members and five guests braved busy roads to reach the meeting venue in Bangsar Shopping Complex in KL's Bangsar.

I was one of three project speakers and I did an Ice Breaker for my CC round #33 titled “Tears”. I was evaluated by member Audrey Lim who made her maiden appearance at our meetings.

It was also good to see another member Walter Gschliesser who came for the very first time. Our best-attended meeting yet and it was helluva fun!

Complimentary desserts from restaurant owner, Joshua Teoh

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