Thursday, January 28, 2016

Najib Razak is Not Guilty, says A-G

On Tuesday, Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali pronounced that PM Najib Razak did no wrong in relation to three investigations into his alleged wrongdoings, i.e. one on the mysterious RM2.6 billion ($700 million) donation and the other two on finance ministry-owned SRC International which took a RM4bil loan from Retirement Fund Inc. (KWAP) in 2011.
The Star yesterday cited Apandi as saying that he was “satisfied that no criminal offence has been committed by the Prime Minister” (page 02). Lest we forget, Appandi was himself appointed by Najib to be A-G under the most extraordinary of circumstances, when Gani Patail was dismissed on July 28, 2015.
Apandi had explained that a sum of $681 million (RM2.08 billion) was deposited into the prime minister's personal accounts between March 22, 2013 and April 10, 2013. And Najib had returned $620 million (RM2.03 billion) to the Saudi royal family in August 2013 because the sum was not utilized. If you believe lah! (The $681 million was the largest portion of the total $700 million transferred into Najib’s accounts).
Please lah, I know my maths. What of the $19 million difference – between $700 million and $681 million? And what happened to the $61 million – the difference between what Najib allegedly received from the Saudis and what he allegedly returned to them? What's more, why did it take two years and six months before this fact went public?
But the biggie question that puzzles me is this: If it was a donation with no strings attached, why did he give it back?
In any case, the wise and learned A-G had decided that there was no fraud, no deception and no corruption on Najib’s part. Case closed!!
That’s right, Najib has proven to be so goddam honest. I am truly impressed with his sense of integrity. I am very overwhelmed!
As an aside, Apandi Ali is dumb if he believes Malaysians will believe him. But then again, we are expected to be dumber. I suppose he has successfully deluded himself into thinking so.
And if Malaysians think this convoluted episode is really over, think again!
A day later, the Wall Street Journal reported that Saudi Arabia’s finance and foreign ministries claimed to have no information whatsoever about the donation, and that the cash gift would have been unprecedented.
Meanwhile, BBC News reported that an unnamed but supposedly well-placed Saudi source had clarified that the $681 million deposited in Najib’s bank account by Saudi Arabia was to help him win the 2013 elections.

This informant told the BBC the payment was authorized from the very top – from Saudi Arabia's late King Abdullah (left) – with funds coming from both his personal finances and state funds.

[If this is true, the Saudi government must explain why they had intentionally meddled in our internal affairs. Besides, why deposit the money through intermediaries? Fishy lah!]

Sydney Morning Herald too, had something to say about the subject. The paper .wrote that Saudi Arabia will investigate the A-G's claim that Najib had indeed handed back $620 million to the Saudi royal family. This is more proof that the Saudi story is full of holes.

Compare the above with statements made by UMNO veep Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. He had told the Malaysian press on August 22, 2015 that he had met personally with the chief investment officer of the donor and financial trustee of the donor's family. He even insisted the donation was made because of Malaysia’s commitment in fighting terrorism and upholding the teachings of the Sunni school of Islam. One hundred and ten days later, when questioned whether there was more than one donor who contributed RM2.6 billion, Zahid had responded: "More than one donor. Plural". 

I bet you that you are baffled. bewildered and blurry. Like me. And the truth pertaining to the matter is still well-hidden.
Also, please don't forget that the financial mess that is 1MDB is yet to be satisfactorily explained.
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