Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lim Kok Wing Belittles David Bowie

The world is still mourning the passing of a bohemian who'd pushed the boundaries of music and pop culture. David Bowie.
And then Najib Razak's former aide and supposedly advertising person Lim Kok Wing decided to give his two cents' worth – even though he is no fan of Bowie. He tweeted some choice words on what he thought of Bowie's glam rock image.
The Tuesday tweet plainly tells us that he has no love for Bowie and he didn’t think much of him either. Of course, netizens couldn’t stomach his disrespectful criticism and brickbats bombarded him.
Lim being Lim hit back, saying: "Some people obviously have mistaken creativity to mean being outlandish or outright crazy or going against everything that's in existence".
And he became belligerent. Not only did he stood his ground, but he went on the offensive and rebuked his critics for being "outrageously rude".
What an idiot! Lim was the one who was being rude in the first place!
You don’t call somebody “crazy” and expect to get away with it! Methinks, Lim talked down on Bowie, just to feel good about himself – it makes me believe that Lim is a ‘rear end’ (Note: I am being exceptionally polite here!).
Of course, I can also be outrageously rude! I can call him arse, arsehole, ass, asshole, derriere, dickhead, keister, prat, prick, rump, tooshie, whoreson and many more. I have a big collection of insult words.
Advice to Lim Kok Wing (not that he’ll listen): If you cannot be nice, shut up lah! Don’t tok kok! Honestly, I can’t fathom your dress-sense either!
I was in KL’s Brickfields to attend the MIA Toastmasters meeting where I evaluated a speaker from ITC Bintang Toastmasters Club as well as deliver my own CC speech #6 titled ‘Speaking through the Din’.



Glam said...

Comments received on Fb on January 15, 2016

Steven Koh Yang Wei: He is nothing by a crony who posed as an innovative educator but the fact is no students from his university were recognized by foreign universities for advanced standing.

Ashton Fong: Well said

Shamini Jeyarajan: If you consider yourself as a educator, you won't be disrespectful to others. Not only he is disrespecting David Bowie but also his fans (I am one of them) and even others who have achieve a lot. He feels he can be the only person who can be called innovative and others are just coping him.
They say, what goes around comes around. He will soon taste the power of that.

Audrey Boudville-Khong: Arrogance.

Janet Fernandez: Get a hairstylist pls...

Judy Foong: He actually ain't an educator, creative and innovative in designing doesn't mean he can teach. Forgive him as a creative man has an "Attitude".

Peter K Yeoh: Mascot for next year's Lunar New Year

Ann Marie Moohan-Sidhu: Actually, Lim himself is somewhat outlandish, always dressed in black like Grandfather of the goths! Having said that, he's entitled to his opinion

Vijay Pillai: [Addressing to Lim Kok Wing] Bro, I am very surprised that you would say that being in the world of creativity! Ever thought changing your hairstyle and black attire? You chose a grim look and colour and David chose colour...that's all…respect the dead...didn't your mother teach you that???

Glam said...

Thanks for all the comments!