Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ahmad Maslan's Advice Aside, 2 Jobs Can Get You Into Trouble

Living in KL has become even more expensive as prices of goods and services continue to skyrocket.
On December 26, 2015, the well-intentioned Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Ahmad Maslan (left) advised Malaysians to hold two jobs to address the rising cost of living.
Regrettably, that sparked a squall of ridicule and of course, he was pilloried for the suggestion. Poor man – he was merely trying to be helpful.
Two days later, he defended himself by clarifying that he already holds three jobs as Pontian MP, deputy minister and UMNO information chief.
Anyway, two Malaysians concurred with him and actually followed his advice.
Malay Mail yesterday narrated the story of a fried kuey teow seller and a security guard who made money on the side, by impersonating police outriders.

It seemed that the duo were blaring their sirens and flashing their lights while escorting a fleet of VIP cars in KL’s Jalan Bukit Bintang on Tuesday. But as they meander their way through the 7:00 PM rush hour traffic, the situation took a comical turn when the bogus “escort officers” got pulled over by real police officers.
As they were cuffed, the VIP convoy consisting of a Chrysler, an Audi and a Mercedes Benz sped off.
The pretenders were dressed for the part – attired in yellow and blue jackets that resembled those of traffic police officers and they even had blue and white helmets that looked almost similar to the ones worn by police.
The CBX 750 Honda motorcycles they rode were retired police vehicles that were auctioned off and bought by the suspects for RM9,000 each.
But what alarmed the officers the most was the length at which the two men went to make it look like real police bikes.
Kuala Lumpur traffic police head of investigations and legal affairs DSP Markandan Subramaniam, who inspected the said bikes, said the sirens and lights were the exact match of a serving police cruiser and the imposters even attached a “Terima Kasih kerana memberi laluan” (“Thank you for giving way” in English) sticker on the back mudflap of the motorcycles.
The only thing missing was the word “Polis” (“Police” in English) on the vehicles, he added.
The two 36-year-old men had been providing official-esque outrider services for foreign VIPs, namely from Zimbabwe and China. They are now being investigated under Section 170 of the Penal Code for masquerading as police officers.
Perhaps they should request Ahmad Maslan to bail them out! Methinks, it is good advice taken in the wrong way!
Liverpool hold a precious advantage going into the League Cup semi-final second leg on January 26 after their narrow 1-0 victory over Stoke City.
On Tuesday, substitute Jordon Ibe struck at the far post in the thirty-seventh minute after clever build-up work by Adam Lallana and Joe Allen.

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