Saturday, December 12, 2015

The RM2.6 Billion Question and Irrelevant Answers

Mukhriz Mahathir (left) yesterday expressed disappointment with the “irrelevant answers” given at the ongoing UMNO general assembly on questions relating to the RM2.6 billion political funding issue.  

He gave a simple illustration.
“If someone asks me ‘What is your name?’ and I answer ‘I’m from Kedah’ and the person says ‘No, no, what is your name?’ and I continue to say ‘I am from Kedah’.
“So the person becomes confused and think perhaps I don’t understand the question and so he asks again ‘What is your name?’ and I answer ‘Hmm, maybe he does not understand the answer. I am from Kedah’.
“So that is the problem, questions are being asked but the answers given are not relevant to the question”.
The Kedah menteri besar said: “We’ve asked the question over and over again, that is because there is no proper answer given so far”. 
He didn’t provide any specifics but those who heard him knew he was talking about a “foolish” person who chose not to properly address the said issue. Nope, it wasn’t Najib Razak because he still couldn’t find his balls, therefore, he couldn’t possibly tell the truth – it was UMNO veep Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who represented the gutless party president.
His attempt at explaining the issue was meant to deceive. On Thursday, he said the money came from a group of individuals who represented a foreign country but one day later, he said that he met a few individuals who represented a single donor.
Mukhriz, of course, was being polite to refer to Zahid as a foolish person – methinks he was stupid, whether intentionally or otherwise!

On Friday, thirteen like-minded people braved horrendous traffic to make their way to the heart of the city  (i.e. Changkat Bukit Bintang) for the Liquid Gold Advanced Toastmasters meeting.

The meeting venue this time was at the Albion in Jalan Berangan it is said that the two owners chose the location because of its resemblance to London's Soho; a part of London the duo had both worked in for over 20 years.

I love the place which has been described as modern British dining and bar. And check out a sample of what we had that evening:

Gorgonzola, apple & walnut filo cracker

Traditional roast turkey and all the trimmings

Roasted grouper, soy and honey

Christmas pudding with brandy sauce

Frozen walnut turron

And of course, I must not forget the other reason we were all gathered there. So, here are photos of the said meeting:


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