Saturday, December 5, 2015

The National Security Council Bill 2015

BN lawmakers, who passed the National Security Council (NSC) Bill 2015 by a voice vote on December 03, 2015, have thumbed their noses at Malaysians and in the process, insulted our intelligence. With this tool of repression, PM Najib Razak had given himself absolute power.
Malaysia have become a dictatorship. 
The NSC 2015 was bulldozed through Parliament, giving the Prime Minister powers to declare emergency through the NSC in the name of national security. And security forces will have special powers to make arrests without a warrant once an area is declared a security zone.

President of the Malaysian Bar Steven Thiru expressed alarm over the bill, saying it was a lurch towards an authoritarian government. He said the basis for the new law was unclear, while the manner in which it was being rushed through Parliament was inexcusable.

He also described the bill as an insidious piece of legislation and that "NSC's scope of authority is broad and unchecked, as 'national security' is not defined in the bill.

When elected representatives placed in parliament to speak on our behalf think they do not need to listen to us and that they could pass any law they fancy, then they have caused us ginormous grief but they too will not be let off because we are going to punish them come GE14.

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