Friday, December 18, 2015

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Movie Review

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Almost everybody is talking about ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ and the hype is provocatively powerful. I have to declare that I am not a Star Wars fan – and yet, I was drawn into this maelstrom of epic excitement.
That is why I was in KL at MidValley's The Gardens Mall yesterday to watch the much-touted movie. Certainly, it was entertaining – after all, the esteemed New York Times described it as an epic that “delivers the thrills, with a touch of humanity”.
I don’t want to appear patronizing. Still, I am giving the movie an 8 over 10. And that is a good score.
The story, the characterization, the action – they were all very decent. A straightforward narrative of a story. Characterization that is just enough to wet one’s feet. Action that is fast-paced but not frenetic.
And yet, I didn’t get enough of the emotions, the enchantment and the exhilaration. I really felt that something was amiss. Maybe, the movie was fervently formulaic – so much so that it didn’t engage me; it didn’t endear me and it definitely didn’t give me the come-on. 
Dare I say it? ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ was impressively unremarkable. And only because my viewing experience could not surpass my own expectations of the movie itself.
But like all good movies, there were magical moments. I liked the fact that the old protagonists join the young ‘uns and share the silver screen together. I liked the fact that the movie as a whole doesn’t disgrace the originals. I liked the fact that the movie opens with a battle sequence and closes on a meaningful respite of restrained quietude.
I enjoyed the movie. Really. And I suppose as a moviegoer, this is good enough!

Yay-y-y! My SWTFA review has been featured in the Free Malaysia Today at this link

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